TWFOC Factory

The Wrestling Factory of Cleveland is now open. We have several programs based on age, weight, and experience.

You can register online or in person. For more information feel free to contact Coach Mike Kulczycki at or (216) 262-0696.

The Wrestling Factory of Cleveland is a one of a kind wrestling program geared towards dedicated wrestlers of all ages, seeking an EDGE over their competition.

We are not competing against your city youth club, Jr. high, or high school team.

Our thoughtfully structured workouts will accommodate and/or assist your high school or local club practices. The Wrestling Factory of Cleveland offers 24/7 hands on personal coaching and mentoring for wrestlers who consistently train year round and desire to be the best in the state, country, or world.

The Wrestling Factory will keep a personal file on each and every wrestler to monitor their progress and development throughout the year. We will structure and run a wrestling specific strength and conditioning program for each training cycle you may have, monitor and evaluate your diet, and meet with each wrestler individually on his/her training log for the season. In addition to practice, we will provide private training lessons or small group lessons for each wrestler wanting to focus more on their individual needs. I will teach visualization methods and employ “mind/gym techniques” used by many professional athletes during practice and competition to get the mind right.

We at The Wrestling Factory of Cleveland are excited and eager to train your student athlete and look forward to a great season!