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2017 OHSAA State Tournament

2017 OHSAA State Tournament Results 
Congrats to all the Factory Trained wrestlers, their schools and their H.S coaches on a great season.
Angelo Rini - 5th place
Bryce Hepner 2nd place
Bryce Andonian - 5th place
Matt Kazimir - 4th place
Alan Hart - 2nd place
Sam Dover - 5th place
Cody Howard - 2nd place
Jared Campbell - State Champ
Kevon Freeman - State Champ
Conor MCCrone - 5th place
Hunter Ryan- 4th place
JT Brown - State Champ
Nick Kiussis- State Champ
Drew Mattin - State Champ
Cole Mattin- 6th place
Josh Barr - 7th place