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2017 OAC Jr. High State Tournament.

20wideX1blank Congrats to all the Factory Trained wrestlers, their coaches and clubs that competed in the 2017 OAC Junior High State Tournament 20wideX1blank
Paddy Gallagher 1st place/146lbs
Cole Hivnor 1st place/154
Zack Mattin 1st place/78lbs
Wyatt Richter 2nd place/74lbs
Pito Castro 2nd place/84lbs
Sean Seefeldt 3rd place/90lbs
Codie Cuerbo 5th place/74lbs
Brenden MCcrone 5th place/78lbs
Nik Willingham 5th place/90lbs
Tommy Ungrady 5th place/114lbs
Dylan Fishback 6th place/114lbs
Derek Fields 7th place/108lbs