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2017 OAC Grade School State Tournament.

10wideX1blank Congrats to all (42) Factory Trained wrestlers that competed this weekend at the 2017 OAC Grade School State Tournament.  Also want to thank all the coaches that allow and/ or encourage their wrestlers to go the extra mile and train at THE WRESTLING FACTORY of CLEVELAND this year!

Tristan Jackson - State Champ D2/50lbs
Adam Butler - State Champ D3/75lbs
Evan Rizzo - State Champ D3/95lbs
Kyle Snider - 2nd D4/120lbs
Carmello Kolb - 3rd D2/45lbs
Rylen Wax - 3rd D1/40lbs
Braylen Landrum - 5th D3/85lbs
Ryno Bennett - 4th D4/70lbs
Hakeen Garcia - 2nd D1/50lbs
Jarreau Walker - 4th D2/50lbs
Derion Williams - 4th D2/45lbs
Joey Ma - 3rd D2/120lbs
Timmy Mazur - 4th D3/55lbs
Ethan Timar - 4th D3/60lbs
Rocco Czarnecki - 6th D3/55lbs
Adam Mattin - 6th D4/65lbs